Friday, November 19, 2010

Les Passagers - a movie trailer by Aga Magdolen

My TCK friend based in Canada is making a documentary film about TCKs in Canada and she made such a beautiful trailer. I had originally "shared" it on facebook and "tweeted" it; the TCK/Expat community took notice and is spreading it like a wildfire. (Yay Aga!) I'm so glad that she is making this movie.
Another friend of mine, more locally based in NYC is making a documentary film about TCKs as well and tonight we had a gathering and shoot with a bunch of TCKs. Its so refreshing to be able to socialize with others of similar global backgrounds. I cherish these moments.
I predict that I will be doing more interviews and shooting extra footage for the sequel to my film or an addition (not sure which...) in the next couple years because I'm so inspired by other TCKs. Our stories need to be heard. We're not a "special breed", "privileged", "exotic", "weird", "un-patriotic", instead we can bridge cross-cultural gaps, communicate across cultures, and be a true asset to society.

Dec. 4, 2010.
7-11 pm.
Stone Creek Bar. 140 E. 27th St, New York, NY 10016.
A.H. Dance Company Annual Holiday Fundraiser.
Celebrate my 27th birthday. (I turn 27 this month on the 27th! - in lieu of gifts, I'm asking for donations to help fund the tour to China)
A.H. Dance Company turns 3 years old as we go into our 4th season.

We are trying to raise money to bring us to Guangzhou, China to teach workshops, perform, and lead discussions w/ students aged 12-15 at Utahloy International School about global citizenship, third culture kids, cross cultural communication, and cultural diplomacy through the arts. hey lost their drama/dance teacher an...d the kids are starving for an outlet to express themselves through the arts.

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