Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Digital Nomadism for this TCK

A vicious cycle for a TCK: Packing up, Unpacking, Moving, Transporting, Goodbyes and Hellos
My tiny hands are worn from carrying multiple bags
My arms are filled with big bruises
I beat myself up with my luggage
My heavy load. 
Head heavy, eyes tired. 
Thinking: "I hate this moving business"
Like a drunken haze, we have all said "Never again"
Do not believe it. 
The stares from other travellers at the train, bus, plane
I'm embarrassed and flushed. 
Sweat beads form and my clothes are starting to stick to me. 
Why, oh, why me!? 
Moving again. 
Saying good bye to beautiful places. 
See you soon to my dear friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.
Hello again to another location.

My unsightly bruises on both arms. June 2016.

I've been a digital nomad for the past few months and my body is weary but I am also a typical restless TCK who just can't seem to find home or stay put. A few things, I've learned from being a digital nomad and working from "home" is that 1) I like being able to be mobile. 2) I can live a peaceful existence and work efficiently on my own. 3) When I need to see people, I need to make an effort to see them. 

Working remotely from the Swiss Alps. May 2016.

I question myself every single day: how did I get here? The past several years has been such a challenging and trying time for me. A career change is difficult. Combined with a changing world and never being satisfied with where I am.

The world is changing and becoming incredibly volatile. I'm uneasy about it all because it is affecting me on a personal level. I have such an awful time when it comes to applying for visas and whatnot. Sigh. This is not a post for my rant. I am sure there are TCKs out there that can empathise with me on this. Feel free to drop me an email or a Facebook message if you'd like to commiserate.

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium. June 2015

Digital Nomadism. 
Its a thing and so many more companies should embrace this. If there is anything I've learned from my internship is that THIS is possible. I wish more companies would embrace this concept. For starters, I'm currently "funemployed" so decided to embrace this concept of digital nomadism and expand my network reach around the world through my social media channels. Its a dream of mine to be able to work anywhere and inspire others to embrace travel and adventure.
Can one truly work remotely and live a comfortable life? The answer is YES. Its been done and there are so many successful people doing it. I aspire to be able to do this so I'm not a prisoner of location and limited in my career and life aspirations. I just need to find the strength to shut everyone who tells me that its impossible, that I can't do it, that I'm too old, that I'm wasting my time, that I'm running out of time, and to settle down to a mediocre life that everyone else has that I don't want so I can be miserable. I don't want to be miserable.
There is really nothing tying me down and I'm not in the rat race so why not embrace a life that is colorful.
Another thing I learned in 2016 is that I cannot plan my life beyond a few months at a time because something is always going wrong and sh** hits the proverbial fan. Too many things have happened this year in the micro and macro scale that have affected and impacted me on such a personal level that all I can say is c'est la vie.

The life is short, death is inevitable, seize the day.
Malmö Slott, Malmö, Sweden. Feb. 2016

I am a Nomad
Wandering planet earth
Stopping for shelter, food, drink, company, and stories.
Neither here nor there.
Belonging everywhere and nowhere.
Learning languages
Studying cultures
Observing people
And making friends wherever I go.
Missing friends around the world.
I want to be there, there, and there.
I want to go somewhere far 
Finding little rocks I can settle down on for a while.
Settling my weary body, mind, and spirit. 
Blending in
Not blending in. 
Repeating my story. 
No, I don't want to give you my life story but you asked
"Where are you from?"

Are you actually interested?
Or is that a form of small talk and you don't really care.
Or you could also be a wanderer too.
Lets talk.
Lets be friends.
Keep in touch, k? 

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