Saturday, September 12, 2015

Visa applications are my nemesis

I am buried in a sea of tabs open looking for jobs/internships/trainee programs in hospitality, travel and tourism, and even looking at alternative sectors that need hospitality related jobs such as events, F&B, conferences, etc. Anything and everything. Such is the conundrum and woe of the Adult Third Culture Kid that wants to live in countries other than the country of my nationality or my residence or where my family live. Sifting through every possibility. I'm once again reading carefully every requirement and job specification. I'm looking at visa requirements which are usually not listed. Language requirements. Getting a terrible headache from it all and manifesting the stress within my physical self as hives and illness and insomnia. Sigh. Gloom and doom.

I think TCKs can relate to the visa conundrum. Navigating the legal documents, appointments, etc. Not to mention, convincing your potential employer that you are worth the hassle. I know I am worth it but how do I convince the potential employer and a governing body?

I want to live in a place where I can feel relaxed, stable, comfortable. Where the quality of life is high on the balanced living richter scale. I want a steady career, no more hustling, and juggling for low-paying gigs for me. Thats a big draw for me to make a dramatic change of plans. A possibility to settle down and have children. (Children should always be exposed to different cultures and languages in this day and age - it will be my part for my future children to make sure they are multicultural polyglots)

I wish this world was an easier world to live in. Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. I remember that day vividly. I had just started my freshmen year of college in California and someone was yelling in the dorm hallways to tune into the news. Classes were canceled, people were walking around crying, we were all glued to the news and the tv, we sat talking for hours in the floor of our hallways, patriotism, candelight vigils. We were all very lost. But since that day, a lot has happened in the world. So much turmoil. Racism and discrimination is alive.

There is no such thing as utopia and a truly peaceful world unless it begins with us and our immediate surroundings. All of us have to do our own part to be more human. The pointing fingers and fear amongst us has to stop. It will make societies even more closed off.

Border controls will get even tighter and there is a bunch of global people like me that aren't there to make anyone's life a living hell. I can't help to get political on border controls because it affects my personal life. There are also some places that open too much on people without proper screening that does cause problems.

I'm going to stop ranting now. All the worlds' problems cannot be solved by ranting. All I can do is just hope for my personal sake that I am not left wandering the world alone with my suitcases because no country wants to take me in next year. (I'd like to stay in Scandinavia/Northern Europe so if any of you dear readers have contacts please help me!)

Note: I apologize for this rant. Next post will be more positive.

Berlin wall. East side Gallery. June 2015

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