Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chameleon 2011 Trailer

Chameleon, the experience of global citizens: 2011 Trailer from Alaine Handa on Vimeo.

Choreography by Alaine Handa & Dancers
"I am a TCK" film Directed by Alaine Handa, Editing by Nicholas Fox & Alaine Handa
Dancers: Alaine Handa, Laura Lamp, Anna Louise Herzog, Tsubasa Ogawa, Olivea Shure, Lauren Calzolaio, Lara Sofia Romero
Prop Design: Natalia Krasnodebska

Special Thanks to interviewees: Nikki Felt, Zachary Tewalthomas, Teresa Aradhana Hinds, Shayna Padovano, Ryan Tish, Ryan Kendle, Michael Chan, Natalia Krasnodebska, Simon Roberts, Reena Vadehra, Miko Mercer, Melissa Diaz Viera

Chameleon is supported in part by funds from the Singapore Internationale grant administered by Singapore International Foundation (www.sif.org.sg)
With additional support by the following individuals, companies, and organizations: TCKid, Aga Magdolen, Tina Quick, Jo Parfitt, Nicholas Fox, Eddie Hussein Nwabuoku, Ann Gould, Andrew Avery Smith, Nancy Henderson-James, Sabajin McGray, Reena Vadehra, Ann Mazzoca, Lauren Rayner Productions, Doris Chan, Natalia Krasnodebska, Miko Mercer, Tiara the Merch Girl, Emery Brenner, Rob Oandasan, Albert Gumilang, Eveline Dorothy Chang, Melanie Eyth
In-Kind donations: The Luxury Spot, Argo Tea, Go Smile, Skin MD Natural, The Great Collide, Aqualia Spa, Holistic Health Fusion, Projet F, By Natalia Jewelry, Dance of my Hands Publishing, The Skinny, Everyday Crochet, YOR Health, Beautiful Faces, Stone Creek Bar

Chameleon premiered during the Spring 2010 as part of the Performance Project @ University Settlement in New York City.

Upcoming Performances during the Toronto Fringe Festival July 8-17, 2011; http://www.fringetoronto.com

For more information about Chameleon please visit http://tckcckahdanceproject.blogspot.com

For booking Chameleon for performances, workshops, and discussions on global citizenship please contact A.H. Dance Company ahdancecompany@gmail.com

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