Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet the dancer: Olivea Shure

real name ? Olivea
nickname ? Oli, Ollie

Do you believe in...
miracles ? Yes, at least 3/day!

love at first sight ? Yes, especially with shoes

LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED? a fun and pretty ring from my sister-in-law

LAST THING YOU SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON? a tempur-pedic mattress pad, I
just received it today! Oh holy day! :)

ONE FAVORITE SONG? this one's an ode to not so way back when: Say It
Ain't So by WEEZER

CAN YOU SING? When I was 4 I memorized and sang all songs from
Madonna's Like A Virgin album into a hair brush in my living room,
secretly I like to think im still so diva

If I wasn't a dancer.... I'd be a photographer and write like advice
columnist, Cary Tennis!

Celebrity Crush... Ewan McGregor (swoon!)

Favorite Food(s)? French macaroons, anything prepared by my husband :)

One thing I can't live without? DANCE

Last book I read? Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Favorite Dancer/Choreographer/Company? Petronio

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