Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My TCK madlibs answers

Where are you from???

A true global nomad will get this kind of hunted look, and sort of glance away, and go something like, "Well, I was born in Singapore but I've lived in Indonesia, Singapore, and California, my mom's from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, AND Australia, my dad's from Indonesia, Singapore, London, and Boston, and I'm a citizen of Indonesia but have a Singapore PR and I am ethnically Hakka Chinese with a mix of Japanese. I went to school/studied in Pitzer College, then transferred to UCLA, and majored in World Arts & Cultures with a dance concentration. My boyfriend is from Pennsylvania. I speak English fluently and enough Bahasa, Japanese, and Swedish to order a beer and go shopping. I've moved around so much because my (mom is/dad is/parents are) both TCKs themselves."

hah! That was fun to fill out!

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