Saturday, February 11, 2017

The TCK Identity is ambiguous

I have an ambiguous identity of a Third Culture Kid. There's quite a lot of nationalistic pride these days in the world and the more I shy away creating a strong stance on any of the particular countries I have either an affiliation, lived in before, traveled many times to and totally enamoured with because I don't understand nationalistic pride.

As a TCK, I'm ambiguous. Culturally mixed up and adopting cultural traditions that I like along the way. When one has a global stand point of view, it isn't about specific countries and patriotism to one country. It is about feeling torn because why does one need to choose? How does one choose? Should we choose at all...

I have a perverse fascination with people who have strong viewpoints because it means they have decided what they are going to fight for. Fighting for your beliefs is a very Western ideology that I grew up with in my education. I know what I believe in and will question why... just like I am doing now.

I've been interested in hearing both sides of the story lately because to understand a situation is to hear the extreme viewpoints of both sides. Perhaps, I'm optimistic in thinking this would probably solve or come up with a solution that both sides can agree upon. This is how I view disagreements between people.

As a TCK, many of us are used to looking at the world from an Outsider/Insider perspective even if we aren't realising it. This perspective can sometimes frustrate me because what is so clear to me can be clouded when one has a strong extreme stance.

I'm a globalist that believes TCKs and cross-culturals should assert the diplomatic Outsider/Insider perspective. This is the TCK privilege.

I am a TCK and I'm culturally ambiguous.
Straddling between cultures
I watch,
I listen,
I see,
I experience.
Then I talk.

Cultures clash and my mind races.
Trying to navigate a world that is so divided like night and day.

A dramatic world of extremes is a chaotic world.


All I want to do is create, produce, inspire, and love.


The world needs more love.

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