Thursday, November 8, 2012

A sense of normalcy...Modern Dance Classes in Singapore

Last week, I started offering modern dance classes in Singapore on my own dime. Meaning - I found a studio that rents out to independent teachers that is in the heart of town with two very convenient locations. (PLEASE COME TO MY CLASS IF YOU ARE IN SINGAPORE! I would be very happy to see you!) I've paid my deposit for the rental of the studio space, and invited everyone I know in Singapore. The space isn't cheap. *sigh* Space is at a premium in Singapore and not sustainable for dance artists who just want a place to rehearse, teach, perform. Anyway, last week wasn't a very good week.

My mother was in surgery. Hurricane Sandy was drowning New York City and turning out the power for my friends, family, and neighbors.

I needed to do something.

I searched online for local shelters, charities in NYC and found several. They need help (still).
1) NYC Rescue Mission
2) Bowery Mission
3) University Settlement - This one is special to me b/c they presented Chameleon in their theater back in May 2010 and then hired me as a freelance dance artist to teach at their Houston Street Center location in the fall of 2010.
4) NYC Service - The Mayor's fund is accepting donations, food, clothing, etc.

On the homefront from Singapore, I'm asking folks to donate money for Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts during my dance classes here and I will spread out those donations to all 4 of the above organizations. When a disaster like this hits so close to home, you really want to find a way to help out.

A part of me wishes that I'm in New York and working with my community on how to recover and return to normalcy with all of my friends.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s and friends’ troubles in NYC because of Hurricane Sandy. It’s so admirable that you’re trying to help. I also think it’s great that you started a dance class. Modern dance is becoming more popular, so I hope that your dance class becomes wildly successful. How are the participants coming along?

  2. Thanks for the support Tyson! Classes have been slow to start but with the new year, its picking up a bit of momentum.