Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Third Culture Kid Spotlight: Lisa

A fascinating woman who I've come to know through the TCK networks and has lived all over the world. Meet Lisa! 

1. What is your name? 
Risa but I go by Lisa (it does make a difference! Read more about it here:

2. Where were you born? 

Tokyo, Japan

3. What is your heritage? 

100% Japanese 

4. Where have you lived and how long at each place?

Tokyo, Japan: 8 months
Sao Paolo, Brazil: 2 years
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 2 years
Seattle, WA, USA: 4 years
Bronx, NY, USA: 3 years
Mexico City, Mexico: 9 years
Pullman, WA, USA: 4 years
Seattle, WA: 6 years
Farmington, NM, USA: almost 3 years

5. What is your definition of "home" and how is it different from those around you? 
My definition of 'home' has changed these last couple of years. It used to be that 'home' is wherever my parents lived. My parents continuously kept the inside of our houses the same wherever we lived, so it never felt different.  Sure, the outside and layout of our houses/apartment were different depending on which country we lived in, but the inside never changed.  After moving out of my parents' house, living on my own, I've slowly shifted the definition of home to where I feel I can make it on my own.  Many TCKs I know can't pinpoint one location as home, and I can agree.  "Home" is not a location, it's more of a state of mind, or feeling.

6. Where do you consider "home" and why? 
Whenever a world event is occurring like the Olympics or World Cup, I always root for Brazil, Japan, and the US.  I suppose that's because I've lived there, and will always be my homes.

7. Do you have interests in the following: foreign languages, international relations, travelling, international politics, different cultures of the world, etc...  Yes/No If so, do you think your background has helped you develop these interests? 
Yes to all.  I think my background as a TCK really developed these interests as it's always been a part of my life and who I am as an individual. 

8. What are your thoughts on globalization? Current political situation? 
I think the term globalization has come and gone throughout the years, but the concept remains.  It's come to a point where it's so fluid within our daily lives, that not many step back to see what's really going on.  Technology at times blends the idea we may be closer to one another than we might think, but, we have a long journey ahead to really see how globalization affects us on a societal level.  We need to be aware and understand what's going on around us, not just internationally but locally--ask questions, and dig deeper to understand others' points of views.

9. How are your thoughts on world affairs different from those around you?  
Some of my thoughts are the same as Americans, and other times, slightly different.  We have all led different paths of life, so there's going to be similarities and differences.  The important part of all of this is to be able to create spaces that allows for a free form of dialogue.  

10. Do you plan on incorporating a large amount of travel with your career?  
I'd love to be in a career that allows me to travel as part of my job, but in the mean time, I will always take time to explore the unknown. 

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story!! If you would like to be featured on this series please drop me an email at

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