Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A need for communication and peace

Having a Hot Toddy at Oliver Conquest gin bar in London, Nov 2016

Through the political uncertainty and chaos, we have to remember to be strong, compassionate, friendly, open-minded, and proud global citizens. There are too many problems of the world. From politics to the problems on the local community level. A lot of animosity, racism, bigotry, and fear of the unknown. People are more guarded and acting out of anger. As a third culture kid, this makes me disappointed that in today's mixed up global world this is still happening. 

I meet a lot of people from different cultures, socio-economic background, ages, and race. Sometimes it is hard to remain composed and diplomatic when people use their racial stereotyping to make assumptions. When I have these stereotyping thoughts, I keep them to myself and then analyse the reasons why I made the assumptions in my head.  It is painful to see people with a lot of influence encourage others to incite violence, racism, bigotry, etc. I have to remember that there are good people left in the world and to correct racial stereotyping in a calm diplomatic way even if it is irritating. 

I've been watching the world become more racist, bigoted, jealous, angry, violent, and lose sense of humanity over the past year. It is disheartening to see. I'm not just talking about one country, I'm talking about several countries. There is a decay. It is totally scary!

There is a need for communication, peace, open hearts, paired with lots of art, food, wine/drink. 

Communication because misunderstandings happen all the time. 

Peace because there's enough strife and conflict. 

Open hearts because we've become isolated, distrustful, fearful, and scared. (I'm working on this one.) 

Art because it strikes a chord with the emotional, thinking, feeling, perception, and diffuses difficult conversations with beauty. Dance, sing, act, paint, draw, sculpt, etc. 

Food because who doesn't love gathering around with good food. 

Wine because the complexity of personal stories pairs well with complex wines!

We need peace.

Talk to people, make friends, hear other people's stories.

Stand up for your own beliefs if you feel threatened. 

View from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, Aug 2013


  1. Very well said, Alaine! I love this post. Thank you for sharing! 🙏 Xox Marilyn