Sunday, November 24, 2013

Travel nerd

I'm a travel nerd sometimes. I read up on places online, ask friends who've lived/traveled there for tips, read guidebooks, blogs, scour the internet for pictures. Sometimes this gets me in trouble though because I WANT TO SEE, EAT, DO, EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING! I know I'm not alone on this... You know who you are! ;-)

There is always not enough hours in the day. But I actually edit my lists down A LOT to literally 2-3 things a day because it is VACATION after all and running around like a madwoman is not relaxing or appreciative of my surroundings. One of my favorite things to do is to just wander the streets. Sit in a cafe and people watch. I do this even when I'm not on vacation.

Anyways... the reason for this post. I came across this excellent website that is a cross between Pinterest and Yelp for Travelers!
AFAR The Experiential Travel Guide

Seriously, check this site out! I'm addicted to staring at all the pictures and mini-posts written up by travelers.


  1. Great suggestion! I've already spent an hour on this site already :)

  2. he he, hello from another travel nerd!

    I will definitely check that website - Pinterest for travelers? Sounds awesome!