Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why I travel

Perhaps its the "Third Culture Kid" syndrome that gives us a constant need to travel that is inherent to our existence on earth to be global citizens or simply because we have that "itch". I am always dreaming up of my next trip. Where should I travel next? What do I want to see/experience/do? What do I want from my next trip? Is it a vacation? Is it to escape? Am I going there to scope out a possible future home? What do I want? Who do I want to see? Who do I want to meet? etc. Many questions run through my mind.

I turned to social media and asked my facebook network of friends, colleagues, students, third culture kids, expats, global nomads, family, and employers. These are their responses:

Why do YOU travel?

I travel because __________

"I travel because I want to be free"

"It's the best way to learn about the world."

"I need peace, because I want to feel foreign and misunderstood while bumping into unscheduled adventures with locals and travelers like myself."

"I wanna gtfo of singaboringpore." - LOL!

"I have to for work."

"I want to see. I want to gasp! return awestruck. And then linger on delightful memories knowing there is so much wonder still to experience."

"I seek to scratch The Itch.

"I travel because it brings me home."

"I want to connect with my mom, my kids and my family."

"I hate this bloody place."

"... a sedentary life is harbinger to the death of delightfully dynamic decisions, discourse and discovery! I apologize for nothing."

" i need it!"

"it is a joy to find a new home everywhere I go ... ?! "

"I can"

"I need to remind myself that there's more to life than just working"

"Because I Enjoy the new spices in life."

"I will see and experience things beyond the pretty photographs"

"I want to see as much as I can before I die"

"Either, I want out of my comfort zone or I want to relax, but always to escape the normal routine."

"I'm no tree."

"its a life worth living..."

"I travel because I'm curious!"          

"i need balance"

"it teaches me humility and gratitude"

"I want to learn!

"my soul needs it" 

"I'm curious! and because I love to get lost on purpose."

"i need to get out of Singapore to realize how fortunate i am"

I travel because I need to feel alive and discover myself again.   
I've read a lot of travel blogs and articles about why people travel. I think ultimately the reasons that we travel is because the monotony of daily life and the human need to explore the unknown becomes the biggest draw to traveling to new places. I have a bucket list of places I'd like to see that is very personal to me. Its always interesting to read other people's bucket list of places they would like to see in their lifetime. 

The past year has been very difficult for me as you can see from my past posts but there were some positives in my life that have happened in my life like the students I teach and have taught this past year (love you all!), rekindled friendships and made a few new friends, rediscovering the country of my youth, but what I've really LOVED is the traveling (Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, London, Edinburgh) and the year is not yet over! I am approaching my 30th birthday in a month and to celebrate, I have been planning on a ski trip to Switzerland and visiting a couple European cities. I've heard so much about these place but have never visited. I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday, the holidays, and ushering in the new year with snow, skiing, gluhwein, hot chocolate, fondue, bratwurst, bier, art, culture, history, and new adventures!

I guess you could say that instead of being bitten by the travel bug, I've always had the travel bug since I was a fetus (my parents were traveling all over the world while pregnant with me). I have a travel addiction that is getting better with age!

Photo taken in NYC in 2010 after a big snowstorm right after Christmas and we went sledding in Central Park


  1. Great post Alaine! I can 100% relate. I like how you described travel as your addiction...I am also addicted, which is why it makes the withdrawal of staying put so much harder! Enjoy your birthday travels. :)

  2. I am a tck and my mum always says "I took my kids around the world, and then they just wait to keep going."