Monday, February 11, 2013

Chameleon residency at Utahloy International School

No words can describe how extremely proud I am of the students from Utahloy International School that participated in my workshops and performed in their version of Chameleon, the Experiences of Global Citizens adapted from the professional production. Their honesty, openness, kindness, maturity, and willingness to try something different really touched me. I was very moved by their enthusiasm and commitment to sharing their life stories of being global citizens with me, their peers, and in a live performance in front of the student body and teachers.

Its all a very humbling experience working with these young Third Culture Kids who are straddling among different worlds on a daily basis. Their home life, their school life, and living in a host country. I remember when I was in their shoes, I am also reminded that I am constantly an evolving Adult Third Culture Kid who is still trying to find a place in this world. I am me, and I am a TCK for life.

This video was shot during the workshops I taught that week and I quickly edited it to show it prior to the performance that some of the students performed in.

Chameleon workshops at Utahloy International School from Alaine Handa on Vimeo.


  1. Listening to them define "home" was very moving. I love that the boys were so willing to share their feelings - I wonder if that's cultural or just that gender roles have moved on so much since I was a child. Did the guy who didn't know where he was born finally figure it out, lol?!

    1. Yes, the entire week was incredibly touching. The students are very lucky to have "TCK Week" every year and they are encouraged to tell their stories and experiences of growing up global, they are also encouraged to share their parents' culture and speak in mother tongue if they are still learning English. Tremendous support from the faculty and staff of the school to truly create a harmonious multicultural school.

  2. Wow. Alaine, this is so touching. I am so impressed with what you do! It is such a treat to hear directly from children about their experiences. Special program for what it sounds like to be a special school.