Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Cultural Chameleons in the community

We performed at The Caring Community senior center yesterday in Tribeca. The community loved it and they were very receptive to the piece. Many of them are cross-cultural themselves and the piece really touched them.

Here are a few pictures that Olivea Shure's (one of our dancers) husband Rann Golamco took during the performance and Q+A.

More Community events coming up next! Come join us - both events are free to the public!

April 16, 2011: Celebrating Diversity Through Dance - hosted by Young Dancers in Repertory
1-2 pm at Sunset Park Recreation Center, 7th Avenue & 43rd St. in Brooklyn.
We will be performing portions of Chameleon and teaching some of repertory from Chameleon to participants!

More Information:
Young Dancers In Repertory's annual FREE multicultural Dance Workshops in honor of Immigrant Heritage Week, will coincide with Global Youth Service Day-an initiative to get youth involved in their communities- on April 16th! Celebrating Diversity Through Dance, is an annual event sponsored by Young Dancers In Repertory, Friends of Sunset Park, and the Sunset Park Recreation Center. Events will be held at the Sunset Park Recreation Center located at 7th Avenue and 43rd St., Brooklyn, NY. Workshops in different multi-cultural dance forms will be held throughout the day between 12:00-4:00. For more information, or to RSVP, please contact Young Dancers In Repertory at 347-702-7155.

April 20, 2011: National Dance Week Kick off event - hosted by Young Dancers in Repertory
5-6:30 pm at Young Dancers in Repertory NEW Center for Dance Studies, 5602 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
We will be performing portions of Chameleon followed by a lecture/demonstration about our collaborative creative process.

More Information:
In honor of National Dance Week, YDR will hold several workshops, classes, showings and lecture demonstrations in a multitude of dance disciplines. Come try a contemporary jazz or salsa classs, learn about the history of modern dance, and watch up and coming YDR teaching artists perform with their professional dance companies. For more information or to register, please call 347-702-7155.

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