Monday, February 28, 2011

Alaine Handa will be presenting at Families in Global Transitions Conference March 17-19

I will be presenting two topics at the Families in Global Transitions Conference held in Washington DC this year on March 17-19, 2011.

Check out the list of presenters:

Kitchen Table Conversations I

Building a TCK Community Through the Arts
Alaine Handa

I spent the past year developing and showcasing my multi-disciplinary arts project, Chameleon. Every person involved in the project is either a TCK or CCK. The support from the TCK community has been wonderful. In this table conversation, I want to show you short video clips of the responses from our community-based activities. The TCK community can be united outside of the School-Church-University club setting, even with our busy lives.

Kitchen Table Conversations Alternatives 2

Unleashing Your Creative Potential Through the Arts
Alaine Handa

Do you get a “block” trying to write your article/book, choreograph a dance, paint a picture, design an outfit, etc.? In this session, mini-activities using movement, character writing, art therapy, and free-write will be introduced, to help you unlock creative potential that can become material for your work. TCKs are rich with unconscious thoughts that may or may not have been repressed. By unleashing these vulnerable thoughts, we let go of what we have kept “locked” inside and can use it as material to move on with our mobile lives.

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