Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Broadway in the Netherlands

I was browsing through the Expat Women website and stumbled upon an interview of Tiffany Jansen. An American expat who moved to the Netherlands after she married a Dutchman. She recently launched her successful venture Little Broadway as a way to combine her talents of musical theatre - acting, singing, dancing - with her love of writing and teaching children. Upon reading her profile, I am finding so many similarities between myself and Ms Jansen. I wanted to highlight how amazing that she has found her niche in the Netherlands when she found very little opportunities when she first moved there. By creating her own company of bringing original musicals (she writes the scripts herself!) to the international schools for an after school activity program; she is able to teach, direct, and produce musicals in such a short period of time! As an after school dance educator myself, it is no easy feat to even get kids to stay focused on learning a dance routine for their end of year performance! (Tiffany if you're reading this - Congratulations and hope to hear from you soon!)

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