Monday, March 8, 2010

A Global Nomad madlibs

I found this on the Global Nomad facebook group. I'm sure it would be really interesting for you to fill this out if you're a global nomad.


A true global nomad will get this kind of hunted look, and sort of glance away, and go something like, "Well, I was born in ______ but I've lived in ______, ______, and ______, my mom's from ______, my dad's from ______, and I'm a citizen of ______. I went to school/studied in ______, _______, and _______. My best friend lives in _______, My boy/girlfriend is from______. I speak _______ and ______ fluently and enough ______, _______, _______ and _______ to order a beer and go shopping. I've moved around so much because my (mom is/dad is/parents are) ______." Fill in the above blanks with country names (feel free to add as many more as necessary! or remove one or two), pick mom/dad/both, and name their occupation.

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